Psychonauts EP

Sometimes really good things come to you almost by accident; I had been hearing a lot of Spanish and Latin-influenced drum and bass and I figured I’d try and stretch out the music canvas by producing some of my very own. Costa Mesa is one of a few tunes in this style; Samba guitars, Baion basslines, all round jumpy style breaks means a fun time party tune.

I’d already come up with the concept for this EP well in advance (Generally before I start writing tunes I do a ton of sampling from various sources, making notes about each sample and cataloging them by “mood”), so when it came time to writing it, the time went by relatively quickly (about 6 to 8 weeks).

I was pretty excited with the level of speed I was producing tunes and in that the Psychonauts EP was born. I also like to visually try to draw images that closely identify with each tune so once I have the “sketchbook” of images completed, I’ll be sure to share them with you all as well.

Smokescreen was a prime example of when everything goes right; I had a previously great night out with a friend, woke up Saturday morning and over the next 20 hours straight wrote this tune. You can just feel the happiness throughout the track 🙂

The title tune contains samples I have from about 4 years ago, used in a tryptich of songs: Vortex 4Vortex 7 and Pod. One day I’ll fire the gear up and finish these three ambient tunes off. Until then, enjoy the Psychonauts EP.