Organa Fortuna LP

When I began writing this album, I had quite a lot of material saved from the Harlem Afternoon sessions, and I was looking to expand my creative sides within Greek Mythology and Drum and Bass.

How could I integrate science fiction, greek mythology and drum and bass into one cohesive unit? Well, by definition the Organa Fortuna title was exploring the organic fortunes of a new life. A new life within a drum and bass mindset. That was the game plan; these tunes are a combination of the last four years of recordings, split into four album parts that each tell that story.

There is a graphical component to all of these songs that I’m illustrating currently for the album cover artworks which will even more fully illustrate what I tried to do sonically for this album. Until those works are released, please enjoy the songs and let them take you on a mental trip. These tracks are written to work on both the dancefloor and home listening.