Stemming from the early age of nine years old, Mike Harrington has long since been interested in art from drawing various superheroes and science fiction characters to presently perfecting graphics for world-class brands.

His varied talents in technology with web development and graphic design to music production and creating artwork has led him to work on boundless opportunities pushing his skills to strive towards excellence. Truly rudimentary gifts by most standards, but these skills would set the stage for things to come.

In high school, Harrington received an educational scholarship through the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange program to participate as one of the first African-American students to study abroad in Cologne, Germany through the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft program. A highly publicized and coveted honor conveying the importance of values, mutual acceptance and building personal relationships between young Americans and Germans, Harrington went on to double major in Advertising and Art Illustration studying under leading instructors within the program to later return to America with an interest in Graphic Design.

In familiarizing himself with technology, he began to work with leading international companies and private government organizations becoming highly sought after to design and develop their online presence. Amid his familiarity with technology, his interest expanded into learning music production now as a completely self-taught music producer professionally known as “Structure”. He has created several conceptual projects involving music, theater and his signature artwork he has come to be known for.

His enigmatic persona behind his creative concepts has now led him to his current project— a complete multimedia project reaching within various entertainment disciplines of film, television, publishing and music.